Who We Are

Radius Book Group is a division of New York-based Diversion Publishing Corp, one of the fastest growing independent publishers in the industry. Radius is dedicated to offering authors the freedom to publish in their own unique voice and provides an open forum for all sides of the cultural conversation. With its deep industry relationships, expert book development and production, and broad market reach, Radius is redefining what successful, author-centric publishing looks like.

Whether in print or electronic formats, sold online or in bricks-and-mortar stores, to consumers in North America or around the world, Radius authors have unrivaled reach through the company’s relationship with Ingram Content Group. From conception through publication and beyond, the best partner for your book is Radius Book Group.

Why Radius?

Retain control

Traditional publishing requires giving up control over your release strategy, your image, and even your voice. We think authors deserve better. If it’s not your voice, whose book is it, anyway?

Publish a better book

The big 5 publishers’ volume increases their chance for errors. Our focused approach, through ideation to writing and editing, yields error-free books, every time.

Enjoy flexibility

Our author-centered model enables incomparable flexibility when it comes to when and how you publish your book. We’ll help you develop the perfect distribution strategy for achieving your publishing and business goals.

Think 360°

To us, bookselling is just the beginning. We constantly look for derivative opportunities to turn your story into an audiobook, a film, or a podcast.

Our Team

Scott Waxman


Scott Waxman is the Founder of Diversion Media and Communications, the parent company of Radius Book Group. He is also the Founder and CEO of Diversion Publishing Corp., Diversion Audio, and the Waxman Literary Agency. Scott and his companies have been responsible for publishing numerous NY Times bestselling titles.

Mark Fretz

Editorial Director

A publishing industry veteran, Mark has wide-ranging experience in editorial, production, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. He loves to share his expertise with authors and help them publish the book they envision.

Evan Phail

Publishing Coordinator

With experiences at magazines, literary agencies, and book publishers, Evan has gained the perspectives needed to understand each cog in the publishing machine. At Radius Book Group, he oversees each project and establishes a personal connection with each author.

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