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Dr. Louis Perron (2) (1) (1)

Louis Perron, PhD

International Political Consultant

Desmond Child_Wide Blue Elbow Shot_Photo by Stephen Denalian

Desmond Child

Grammy-winning songwriter and music producer

Thinking Critically in College-apprvd cvr2

Louis E. Newman

Former dean of Academic Advising and associate vice provost for Undergraduate Education at Stanford University

Cobblestones Cover (1)
Giovanni Ruscitti

Giovanni Ruscitti

Managing Partner of Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti, LLP.

A Bankers Journey Cover
DanielGross (1)

Daniel Gross

Business/Finance Writer and Columnist

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Ralf Specht@2x

Ralf Specht

Spark44 co-founder

Applied Wisdom: 700 Witticisms to Save Your Ass(ets), a book by Alexander Ineichen
Alexander Ineichen, author of Applied Wisdom: 700 Witticisms to Save Your Ass(ets)

Alexander Ineichen

Founder of Ineichen Research and Management

From Hell to Challah: Rising from Fragile to Fearless, One Grain at a Time, a book by Shari Wallack
Shari Wallack, author of From Hell to Challah: Rising from Fragile to Fearless, One Grain at a Time

Shari Wallack

Founder of Buy the Sea

Anne Peretz book, Opening Up
Anne Peretz, author of Opening Up: The Parenting Journey with a Forward by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Anne Peretz

Family Therapist & Founder of Parenting Journey

Ken Rees book, Teetering
Ken Rees, author of Teetering: Why So Many Live on a Financial Tightrope and What to Do About It

Ken Rees

Financial Technology Innovator

Lamoureux twins book, Dare To Make History
The Lamoureux twins, Jocelyn and Monique, authors of Dare to Make History: Chasing a Dream and Fighting for Equity

Lamoureux Twins

Gold Medal Athletes

William A. Friedman book, Something Awesome

William A. Friedman

Leading Neurosurgeon

Steve Madden book, the Cobbler
Steve Madden, author of The Cobbler: How I Disrupted an Industry, Fell from Grace, and Came Back Stronger than Ever

Steve Madden

Iconic Fashion Designer

Helio Fred Garcia book, Words on Fire
Helio Fred Garcia, author of Words on Fire: The Power of Incendiary Language and How to Confront It

Helio Fred Garcia

Professor & Speaker

The Conflict Resolution Grail, a book by Mysa Maleki
Meysa Meleki, author of The Conflict Resolution Grail: Awareness, Compassion, and a Negotiator's Toolbox

Meysa Maleki

Lawyer & Mediator

Joe Theismann book, How To Be A Champion Every Day
Joe Theismann, former NFL quarterback and author of How to Be a Champion Every Day: 6 Timeless Keys to Success

Joe Theismann

NFL Super Bowl Champion

Martin Holub book, Martin's Scribbles II
Martin Holub, author of Martin's Scribbles: Sort of a Memoir and of Martin's Scribbles II

Martin Holub

Award-Winning Architect

Jim McLean book Build Your Swing
Jim McLean, author of Build Your Swing: Position Teaching in the Modern Age

Jim McLean

Owner #1 Golf School in America

Stephen Henderson book The 24-Hour Soup Kitchen
Stephen Henderson, author of The 24-Hour Soup Kitchen: Soul-Stirring Lessons in Gastrophilanthropy

Stephen Henderson

New York–Based Journalist

Andrew Zimmerman book Journey: A Novel
Andrew Zimmerman, author of Journey: A Novel

Andrew Zimmerman

President Frog Design

Davis Hawkins book, Go, See, and Do
W. Davis Hawkins, Jr., author of Go, See, and Do

W. Davis Hawkins, Jr.

MBA, Banker, Management Consultant

Jim Quinn book, Don't Be Afraid To Win
Jim Quinn, author of Don't Be Afraid to Win: How Free Agency Changed the Business of Pro Sports

Jim Quinn

Premier Trial Lawyer

John Crosby book, Built To Help Each Other
John Crosby, author of Built to Help Each Other: Mentoring in the Life of Richard Caruso: An Uncommon Man

John Crosby

Founding Director of the Uncommon Individual Foundation

Jim Cashel book, The Great Connecting
Jim Cashel, author of The Great Connecting: The Emergence of Global Broadband and How That Changes Everything

Jim Cashel

Chairman of Forum One

Ivan Fuchs book, The Evolutionary Mechanism of Human Dysfunctional Behavior
Ivan Fuchs, M.D., author of The Evolutionary Mechanism of Human Dysfunctional Behavior

Ivan Fuchs, M.D.

Clinical Psychiatrist and Evolutionary Biologist

Kalman R. Hettleman book, Mislabeled as Disabled
Kalman R. Hettleman, author of Mislabeled as Disabled: The Educational Abuse of Struggling Learners and How We Can Fight It

Kalman R. Hettleman

Tireless Education Advocate

Bruce Cleveland book, Traversing the Traction Gap
Bruce Cleveland, author of Traversing the Traction Cap: Traction. Startups Need It. Learn How to Get It.

Bruce Cleveland

Chief Marketing Officer at C3.ai

Elaine Howard book, Passion in the Bones
Elaine Howard, author of Passion in the Bones

Elaine Howard

Attorney and Avid Paleontology

Ben Feder book, Take Off Your Shoes
Ben Feder, author of Take Off Your Shoes: One Man's Journey from the Boardroom to Bali and Back

Ben Feder

President Tencent Games

Charles A. Casto book, Station Blackout
Charles A. Casto, author of Station Blackout: Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Recovery

Charles A. Casto

Crisis Management Expert

Martin Holub book, Martin's Scribbles
Martin Holub, author of Martin's Scribbles: Sort of a Memoir and of Martin's Scribbles II

Martin Holub

Award-Winning Architect

Martyn Lewis book, How Customers Buy...And Why They Don't
Martyn R. Lewis, author of How Customers Buy… & Why They Don't: Mapping and Managing the Buying Journey DNA

Martyn R. Lewis

Founder Market Partners

David C. Wiener book, From Brighton Beach To Madison Avenue
David C. Wiener, author of From Brighton Beach to Madison Avenue: The Real Business of Advertising

David C. Wiener

Leading Financial Consultant

Radius Book Group Books