Beyond the Startup: Sparking Operational Innovations for Global Growth

Ralf Specht@2x

Ralf Specht

The greatest challenge of any startup and growth company is the transition from an early stage startup to a robust organization complete with a driving culture, contemporary leadership, organizational infrastructure and twenty-first-century operating methodologies. Ralf Specht provides inspiration, wisdom, and lessons gleaned from his role and experience in creating and scaling Spark 44, a Jaguar Land Rover joint venture from concept to an award- winning global marketing communications company with well over a thousand employees in 18 countries in a few short years. In the high interest topic of startups focused on the beginning stages of entrepreneurship, Beyond the Start Up fills a void in the entrepreneurial discussion on how to scale a second stage startup laying out, in practical terms, the tools and practices that made Spark44 a global powerhouse.

9781635769012 (1)

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