Build Your Swing

Position Teaching in the Modern Age

Jim McLean, author of Build Your Swing: Position Teaching in the Modern Age

Jim McLean

In Build Your Swing, Jim McLean walks you step-by-step to a better golf swing. Not surprisingly, a better swing means a lower score. And a lower score makes for a happy golfer.

McLean is the best of the best. First, he’s been golfing and teaching golf for four decades. Second, he developed a highly sophisticated, technology-driven, results-oriented instruction method. Third, he owns and runs the #1 golf school in America, with locations across the country. Fourth, as a PGA Master Instructor, he is a member of the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame. Fifth, he’s taught some of the PGA and LPGA’s top men and women golfers.

How does he do it? What’s the secret? To start, McLean breaks down the various parts of the golf swing into discrete steps. Next, he measures every aspect of the golf swing, with photos and video. Further, nothing is more valuable than experience, and McLean has decades of it. As a result, he draws on an unparalleled wealth of golfing knowledge and experience, he patiently shows golfers where they can improve.

Moreover, Build Your Swing distills all McLean’s golf wisdom into an easy-to-read book. It is like spending a week with Jim as your personal instructor at one of the #1-ranked Jim McLean Golf Schools. Golf students and instructors serious about improving their game will learn how to achieve the best results where it counts most—on the golf course.

Jim McLean book Build Your Swing

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