Chris Shelton’s Easy Guide to Fix Neck and Back Pain

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Chris Shelton

Back pain is no joke.

If you’ve ever had a serious back injury, you know that simple things like tying your shoes, standing up straight, and even being able to take a deep breath can become major tasks. And you’re not alone. Up to a hundred million Americans suffer and spend approximately $86 billion each year trying to fix back issues.

Western medicine believes that back pain comes from age, prolonged sitting, your occupation, being overweight, and even diabetes. But after working with thousands of clients, international Qigong expert Chris Shelton tells a different story. In Chris Shelton’s Easy Guide To Fix Neck and Back Pain, Shelton lays out step-by-step how to get immediate relief on your own, without painful, invasive, and expensive surgeries, and provides crucial lifestyle adjustments that can help prevent your back pain from sneaking up again in the future.

Grounded in the five-thousand-year-old Chinese principles of Qigong, a time-tested body-mind exercise and self-healing system, Shelton guides you through exercises, stretches, cupping, breathing, and visualization techniques to put the power back into your hands to heal acute and chronic neck and back pain. This straightforward integrative approach, with instructive photographs and illustrations, will liberate you from pain to live the life you were meant to live.