From Brighton Beach to Madison Avenue

David C. Wiener, author of From Brighton Beach to Madison Avenue: The Real Business of Advertising

David C. Wiener

From Brighton Beach to Madison Avenue, by David C. Wiener, reveals the real business of advertising. What the TV show Mad Men sensationalized, Wiener made possible. To clarify, he was not an advertising executive. Rather, he was an accountant, a CPA. However, he is unlike any accountant most people ever meet.

To begin with, Wiener comes from a Jewish neighborhood of Brighton Beach. In contrast, he rose to the heights of accounting success by carving out a niche in midtown Manhattan’s advertising industry. He moved from accounting to financial assessment to negotiating deals with an ever widening array of companies. His uncanny ability to size up in an instant a situation on all levels—not only financial and economic, but all aspects related to it—his disarming sense of humor, and his no-nonsense approach make him the perfect deal maker. This book lifts the curtain on the stage of advertising agencies from the 1970s to the present and shares life lessons on how to succeed in business and in life.

David C. Wiener book, From Brighton Beach To Madison Avenue

This was my first book and Radius and Mark Fretz held my hand through the process, explained the lingo, the reasons for certain items, laughed when appropriate and kept all of their commitments. I am delighted with the end product and their efforts. While my sales did not reach the millions, the book performed as forecast. If you are going to do it, do it with Radius and Mark.

David Wiener