Go, See, and Do

W. Davis Hawkins, Jr., author of Go, See, and Do

W. Davis Hawkins, Jr.

Go, See, and Do is more than a book title. For W. Davis Hawkins, it is the mantra for life. In this fascinating book, Hawkins chronicles his adventurous life through this lens. Beginning with his southern California upbringing, he imagined traveling. Soon, as a young man, he moved to Japan at an impressionable age. During his time living in Japan, he navigated a changing American and East Asian landscape in the mid-twentieth century.

These moments impacted his life enormously. Through his military service, Hawkins absorbed East Asian culture. Eventually, he ended up in a successful financial career overseas, including consulting. In addition, he continued traveling, embracing any opportunity to visit different cultures.

Over the years, he visited over 80 countries. Ultimately, his travels spanned all seven continents. Along the way, not only did he go places, but he had unusual experiences. For instance, he found human shrunken heads in Borneo. Also, he trekked in the Himalayas and the Amazon jungle. In addition, he camped in the Gobi Desert. Beyond that, he dined at the U.S. State Department, acts as a courier for the President of the United States, received a U.S. congressional subpoena, survived a military coup, and much more.

In retirement, he reflects on his expatriate journey. Fortunately, those not able to go themselves can experience travel vicariously through Go, See, and Do. Likewise, he hopes to pass down his stories to his descendants just as his ancestor’s stories were told to him. In the end, he wishes to keep his family heritage alive through his tales. Finally, with a few shocks, insights, and laughs along the way, he sets sail for still more adventures.

Davis Hawkins book, Go, See, and Do