Martin’s Scribbles II

Sort of a Memoir

Martin Holub, author of Martin's Scribbles: Sort of a Memoir and of Martin's Scribbles II

Martin Holub

Martin’s Scribbles II picks up where Martin’s Scribbles: Sort of a Memoir left off. This time, Martin Holub returns with more intriguing stories. He chronicles his unusual and extraordinary experiences growing up in Czechoslovakia. He tells of his career as an architect. Readers get to go behind the scenes of his work and life in London, Tehran, and New York.

In Martin’s Scribbles II, Holub offers amusing and insightful perspectives on the East and West. For instance, he tells of how communism affected his boy scout days. Then, he recounts a Czech party game that did not sit well with his American friends. Again, he paints a vivid picture of coincidentally following a stranger for years on his way to work. Finally, he shares how he accidentally witnessed a dark New York story unfold.

And Martin’s Scribbles II takes readers on a tour of some of the buildings Holub designed. He changed the landscape of the world, literally. His book will change the direction of your life.

Martin Holub book, Martin's Scribbles II

I was very happy with the services that Radius Book Group provides. Having read the manuscript, Mark Fretz proposed a budget and the publishing date and Radius then delivered the book on time and within budget. I like the final product very much and would recommend Radius to anyone who wants to publish a book.

Martin Holub