Opening Up: The Parenting Journey

Anne Peretz, author of Opening Up: The Parenting Journey with a Forward by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Anne Peretz

Opening Up: The Parenting Journey shines a light on the struggles of families. Courageously, it offers hope to those suffering the internalized stresses of poverty. Indeed, it addresses many difficult challenges, such as domestic abuse, racism, and neighborhood violence. What’s more, the lifesaving organization Parenting Journey is a place for struggling families to resolve harmful habits. In particular, Parenting Journey helps them identify their strengths to raise their children in a healthier environment.

Anne Peretz is founder of Parenting Journey. Drawing on decades of experience, she tells the story of this bold organization and flagship therapeutic group program. From the outset, Parenting Journey took a different approach to helping families in need. Likewise, Opening Up challenges readers to think differently about family. Therefore, Peretz tells the story through the perspectives of the families who have participated over the decades. These anecdotes illustrate symptoms of stress, fear, and hopelessness that extend throughout generations. But she views them as factors people can remedy. Even the severely traumatized can regain stability.

We can address the personal and systemic injustices at the root of many of these patterns. Together we can rebuild these communities. This book is a testament that with mutual respect, compassion, and openness, together families can navigate the parenting journey.

Anne Peretz book, Opening Up