Take Off Your Shoes

Ben Feder, author of Take Off Your Shoes: One Man's Journey from the Boardroom to Bali and Back

Ben Feder

The Price of Success

Take Off Your Shoes, by Ben Feder, invites the reader to go on a journey of self-rediscovery. By way of orientation, this book is the Eat, Pray, Love for busy executives. First, 10% Happier made you more mindful. Second, Wild sparked you to be more adventuresome. Now, Take Off Your Shoes will ground you and help you find your soul.

From early on, Feder set his sights on the C-suite. To be clear, the aim was not just to squeak inside the boardroom. Above all, he wanted to be in charge at the top of the heap; nothing less would do. Not surprisingly, that prize drove hard-charging CEO Feder. That is, until he realized the costs of his ambition. Sadly, he was losing the very things that sustained him on the path to business success. Specifically, his marriage, his relationship with his kids, his own well-being, and personal fulfillment kept slipping away.

Gaining a New Perspective

As a result, unsettled by his insight, he decided to rebuild family relationships and rejuvenate his sense of purpose. Consequently, with a sense of uncertainty, he risked his career by walking away from the C-suite at the pinnacle of his career. Instead of going to the boardroom, he headed to Bali. Unexpectedly, he and his family set out on a life-altering physical and emotional journey. Certainly, what he conceived of as a self-prescribed sabbatical year turned into a major detour on the path of life.

Over the course of that year, living abroad transformed them all. For instance, simply living in Bali slowed down the pace of life. In addition, the family got to spend much more time together. Moreover, Feder got exercised, did yoga, and got into great physical shape. Further, he reacquainted himself with his own religious tradition, while exploring new ones. Best of all, he gave his creative side a chance to flourish.

The writing is honest and moving. In the same vein, he bares his innermost struggles and fears. Consequently, he entices the reader to share his quest. Ultimately, he draws us into remarkable examinations of values and priorities in adult life. What a great gift. Finally, returning back home, he was a different man. A more aware, mindful version of the person who set out in search of renewal.

Ben Feder book, Take Off Your Shoes

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Ben Feder