The Conflict Resolution Grail

Awareness, Compassion and a Negotiator’s Toolbox

Meysa Meleki, author of The Conflict Resolution Grail: Awareness, Compassion, and a Negotiator's Toolbox

Meysa Maleki

Conflict Is Part of Life

The Conflict Resolution Grail, by Meysa Maleki, addresses conflict as part of life. And if we are honest, we see conflict on small and large scales. For instance, individuals have interpersonal conflicts. Similarly, families experience conflicts. Increase the numbers of people involved and clearly groups and organizations don’t see eye-to-eye. Widening the scope further still, from precincts, to townships, to counties, to states, to nations, political conflict is unavoidable. Finally, international conflict is frequent and frightening.

Resolving conflict is a top priority no matter the scale. But we must ask, what is our own role in conflict? Because conflict resolution occurs on the individual level. That is why Lawyer and Mediator Meysa Maleki shows us why it happens and how to resolve it.

We Can Resolve Conflict

First, The Conflict Resolution Grail identifies the elements of conflict. Then it turns attention to the sub-conversations that lead to conflict. Next it introduces the skills required to resolve conflict effectively. However, Maleki’s solution to addressing human conflict goes beyond rehashing the latest theory. Further, she points out that negotiation techniques and the interpersonal skills of a mediator are not enough. Instead, she prioritizes the strengths of human beings. Finally, the human capacity for compassion is key. So is our immense potential to change our subconscious programming through awareness.

This book weaves together wide-ranging research to make its point. In some chapters it draws on insights from human genetics and neuroscience. In other chapters, evolutionary theory and communications theory offer wisdom. Still other chapters highlight psychology, sociology, and world history to reframe our understanding of conflict. In the end, it provides everyone—professionals and people on the street—with an integrated approach to conflict resolution. The marriage of wisdom from the East and the West produces real results.

Meysa Maleki provides a new paradigm for conflict resolution. It is based on awareness, compassion, and a negotiator’s toolbox. All it takes is mindfulness and empathy.

The Conflict Resolution Grail, a book by Mysa Maleki