The Great Connecting

The Emergence of Global Broadband and How That Changes Everything

Jim Cashel, author of The Great Connecting: The Emergence of Global Broadband and How That Changes Everything

Jim Cashel

To write The Great Connecting, Jim Cashel spoke with the major players driving the broadband revolution. Likewise, he traveled to the remotest corners of the globe to size up the potential impact global broadband could have. As a result, he can see a radically new world on the horizon. Certainly, the changes about to take place will alter the course of history. Certainly, the arrival of global Internet access will rate as one of the most momentous events for humanity. As Cashel explains, the expansion of broadband offers many challenges. But it will also bring a remarkable opportunity for the planet.

What will happen when affordable broadband finally reaches the half of the planet that has little or no Internet access? Predictably, tech giants are lining up to capitalize on this breakthrough. Meanwhile, Google, Facebook, SpaceX, Amazon’s Project Kuiper, and others want in the game. Over the next few years, these companies aim to connect the underserved half of the planet to the Internet. Consequently, for the first time ever, even the poorest and most remote of global citizens will have broadband access.

Along with that connectivity will come access to all sorts of new technology. First, they will be able to access information. Second, they will be able to communicate via mobile devices. Third, identity authentication will open up e-commerce and online banking. Fourth, government programs and global philanthropy will reach them in new ways. Fifth, telehealth will save lives. Sixth, distance education will open new doors of opportunity. And the list goes on. Finally, what seems impossible right now will be everyday life before long.


Jim Cashel book, The Great Connecting

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Jim Cashel