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Author Bruce Cleveland Weighs in on Publishing Experience


We are delighted when we hear from our authors about their publishing experience with Radius. Below is a Linkedin post shared by our author Bruce Cleveland (Traversing the Traction Gap) as he reflects on his career and the bright spot publishing has had on him.

From Bruce:

A confession.

I am one year into retirement now and can reveal something I’ve never said previously.

While I am proud of the work product my teams and I produced over the years and the people who I was so fortunate to work with, for the most part, I did not enjoy much of my career.

Work/life balance? Ha! Accolades from the Tech Community pundits? Few. Recruiters knocking on my door? Not many.

I did what I did – taking the highest paying job v the one more appealing to me – because it was necessary to take care of my family. Hard stop. I worked hard because that is how I was raised.

I didn’t often get the opportunity to work on things I personally cared a lot about. That wasn’t the point. I did what was needed by the company.

For those of you who get to work on things that you enjoy or make you fulfilled – congratulations. I am envious of you!

The one thing in a 42 year career I did that I thoroughly enjoyed was writing my book (www.tractiongap.com) and teaching its principles. I received virtually nothing of economic value for it. Instead, I received – and continue to receive – something far more valuable: tremendous spiritual rewards for its contributions to the startup community.

That said, I don’t regret my career at all. I am extremely grateful for the people who felt I had something to offer and hired me. I am extraordinarily grateful to the people who chose to work in my organizations and were so incredibly talented or those entrepreneurs who let me invest in their companies.

Make no mistake, it was a good career for me financially but if I could have chosen anything – irrespective of compensation – I would have been a teacher like my parents and brother. A noble profession but the best are enormously undervalued given their contributions to society.

Bruce Cleveland, author of Traversing the Traction Cap: Traction. Startups Need It. Learn How to Get It.