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Publishing Note: Can Radius Book Group Do That?


Radius Book Group recently published Livin’ On A Prayer: Big Songs Big Life, by Desmond Child, with David Ritz. As a phenomenally creative person, Desmond brought all sorts of great ideas to the tasks of designing, producing, and printing his story. Discussions about layout, photos, and production values turned into fantastic brainstorming sessions that almost always included the question, “Can we do that?”

Since Desmond had co-written the song “Livin’ On A Prayer,” which would be the title of his book, he wanted to include the handwritten lyrics. We suggested the possibility of printing them on the endpapers. That’s what you see immediately inside the cover, when you open a hardcover book.

“Can we do that?”


Desmond sent us a high resolution image of his handwritten lyrics, and we printed a special limited edition of the book with those lyrics on the endpapers. And Desmond got the book he wanted with all the bells and whistles.

We are happy to say that Livin’ On A Prayer isn’t an exception for Radius. Authors choose to publish with Radius in part because we make possible what other publishers simply can’t do. We welcome unusual, complex, exceptional projects; they give us a chance to flex our muscles and show what all we can do. You’ll see for yourself when you talk with us about your project.