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Publishing Note: Ready, Set, Yes!


Each book begins its journey with a yes. Yes, I will publish this book. Wishy-washy indecision won’t get it done, nor will a tepid maybe or someday. You have to be bold, bet on yourself, and create your future. Along with having that control comes the exhilaration of saying yes to yourself. Green lighting your book is one of the most empowering decisions you can make. How you publish your book is up to you.

A young unpublished author approached me with a first draft of a manuscript. This project had several strikes against it. The manuscript was editorially rough around the edges, the author was in need of serious guidance, the author was unknown and had virtually no social media presence or business platform, and the author was in need of a crash course to understand the publishing process. To say it was an inauspicious beginning would be an understatement. What this author had going for her were substance, a distinct voice, and a firm commitment to publish that book. She would not be deterred—not by literary agents fishing for the next rock star author who couldn’t give her the time of day; and not traditional publishers who couldn’t see beyond the ragged literary shape of the manuscript. Their no’s made her more determined to pursue her dream.

Fortunately, authors have options, including author-centered publishers like Radius Book Group that welcome and encourage new voices to publish their books. We partner with authors at all levels of experience. The journey only begins when you say yes.