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Publishing Note: We Deliver a Great Publishing Experience


Most authors earn their living doing something other than writing books, whether they are running a business or have a full-time career or multiple part time jobs. To take the load off of this work, smart authors turn to reliable publishing partners. That’s our role. What sets Radius Book Group apart from other publishers is the great publishing experience we deliver.

Cobblestones, Conversations, and Corks: A Son’s Discovery of His Italian Heritage

Author Giovanni Ruscitti wrote a very moving and personal story about his parents’ journey from Italy to the United States of America after World War II, their pursuit of the American Dream, and his mid-life discovery of how that past, so long overlooked, gave meaning to his present life. His main goal in publishing the book was to share the joy and pain, and hopes and disappointments of past and present. He wanted to connect with people who had similar experiences and could relate to what he and his family experienced.

All along the way, from our first look at the manuscript to him receiving emails from thankful readers that moved him to tears, Giovanni regularly met with us, consulted about all the details of publishing his book, and made decisions needed to publish a high quality book. He entrusted his wonderful story to Radius Book Group, and we in turn gave him a great publishing experience.

In his own words:

Radius Book Group was a first-class and highly experienced publisher that I thoroughly enjoyed working with.…They listened, counseled, guided, and made the process so easy and rewarding—true professionals.

Special Treatment—Audiobook

All our authors receive our undivided attention and special treatment, as required. One of the details of Giovanni’s hopes was to have an audiobook. Since Radius Book Group is part of a larger company—Diversion Publishing Corp.—with its own rights agency, our in-house representative successfully sold the audiobook rights to a leading independent audiobook publisher. Not every hybrid publisher can deliver subrights representation and seal licensing deals.

But that’s not all. Given his family’s Italian heritage and that the story takes him and his family back to the birthplace of his parents in the mountains of central Italy, it is no surprise a few Italian words, phrases, and sentences made it into the book. Naturally, Giovanni wanted a professional that could correctly pronounce the Italian material, as well as convincingly tell the story in English, to narrate the audiobook. The audiobook publisher had several candidates competent in Italian to record sections of Cobblestones, Conversations, and Corks that contained Italian text. Giovanni screened the samples, found a narrator with just the right timber of voice and Italian accent, and gave him the go-ahead. Before long, he was happily listening to the finished audiobook.

Radius Book Group treats authors the way we think all publishers should treat their partners. We go beyond standard expectations and give you special treatment. That is why our authors have a great publishing experience with Radius. Don’t take our word on it; see first-hand for yourself.