From NFL Legend to Motivational Speaker: Publishing Builds Business and Brand

NFL Super Bowl Champion

Joe Theismann, author of

How to Be a Champion Every Day: 6 Timeless Keys To Success

Joe Theismann may have never been the strongest or fastest on the team, but that didn’t stop him from achieving a Super Bowl victory, plus NFL MVP and Man of the Year awards. When a career-ending injury forced him to find a new path, he parlayed his expertise into two decades as an NFL analyst on ESPN and The Sports Network.

Now an in-demand motivational speaker, Theismann saw an opportunity to leave a lasting impression with audiences by distilling his insights into a book.

Calling The Shots

Theismann had published books before, and knew this one needed to be different. To best suit his speaking business, it had to capture his voice without compromise, and that meant doing everything his way. Theismann knew the traditional publishing route meant risking a final product that didn’t sound like him, a design that didn’t fit his personal brand, and a distribution strategy that didn’t complement his business. He simply couldn’t risk losing that control.

After surveying his options with his agent, Theismann determined that only Radius Book Group could deliver on all of his needs. And that’s exactly what we did: accommodating his unique editing workflow, providing multiple design options, and securing the perfect distribution partners to get his books when and where they needed to be for his hundred-plus annual speaking gigs.

The Covid Curveball

With the How to be a Champion Every Day book complete and promotional plans laid, along came the Covid-19 pandemic. As Theismann’s speaking engagements were reimagined or rescheduled, we worked closely with his event clientele to ensure all logistical needs were met and that his thousands of books were stored safely.

As restrictions relaxed enough to enable Theismann to return to safely distanced, in-person speaking, we worked with event staff to adapt to the unprecedented. Could we get 400 books and bookplates to Kansas City in four days for a speaking event? We were able to execute just that, without Theismann having to worry about a thing.

“The Book Sounds Like You”

“Friends come up to me and say ‘Joe, the book sounds like you.’ To me, that’s the greatest compliment you can have,” says Theismann. With full creative control, combined with expert editing and industry-leading distribution, Joe Theismann achieved the impossible: publish a book that sounded like him, in the middle of a pandemic, that accomplished every one of his goals.

Joe Theismann, former NFL quarterback and author of How to Be a Champion Every Day: 6 Timeless Keys to Success
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